• The Bavarian brewery in Plovdiv!

    Jägerhof is the first authentic Bavarian brewery in Plovdiv.
    Translated from German, its name means "Hunting Yard".

  • The Bavarian brewery in Plovdiv!

    At Jägerhof you can feel the spirit of Bavaria from every angle.

  • The Bavarian brewery in Plovdiv!

    We will serve you several types of freshly brewed beer, produced in the brewery.

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  • Домати с катък, рукола и сос „Песто“ – 250 г – 4,30 лв
  • „Айсберг“ с краставици – 300 г – 4,80 лв

/с маслини, марули, царевица, яйца и чери домати/


  • Таратор – 350 г – 3,20 лв
  • Пилешка супа – 350 г – 3,70 лв
  • Шкембе чорба – 350 г – 4,50 лв
  • Картофена крем супа – 350 г – 3,70 лв

/гарнирана с крутони/

  • Крем супа от моркови – 350 г – 4,30 лв

/гарнирана със сирене и крутони/


  • Талиатели „Формаджо“ – 350 г – 7,70 лв

/със сметана, синьо сирене, чедър, ементал и краве сирене/

  • Глазирани пилешки крилца – 350 г –8,30 лв

/с гарнитура пържени картофи/

  • Пилешки филенца с пармезан и шведски сос – 400 г – 10,90 лв

/поднесени с гарнитура зелена салата/

  • Чили „Конкарне“ – 350 г – 7,80 лв

/боб в доматен сос с пилешка кайма, царевица, лук и морков, поднесен с хлебче/

  • Печена свинска плешка – 350 г – 9,60 лв

/с моркови, лук, кимион, черен пипер и гарнитура картофено пюре/

  • Свински врат със сметанов сос и гъби – 350 г – 10,60 лв

/и гарнитура ориз/


  • Селско хлебче с масло и чубрица – 90 г – 1,90 лв
  • Пшенично хлебче – 60 г – 0,90 лв
  • Многозърнесто хлебче – 60 г – 0,90 лв
  • Кошничка с 4 бр. хлебчета – 240 г – 3,60 лв
  • Пърленка с масло – 140 г – 1,90 лв
  • Пърленка с масло и чесън – 140 г – 1,90 лв
  • Пърленка със сирене – 190 г – 2,70 лв
  • Пърленка с кашкавал – 190 г – 3,60 лв
  • Пърленка комбинирана – 190 г – 3,70 лв
  • Брецел – 70 г – 2,10 лв
  • Брецел с масло – 80 г – 2,40 лв


  • Орехова торта – 140 г – 3,20 лв
  • Торта „Червено кадифе“ – 150 г – 4,20 лв
How does it all start?

After one of their many trips to Bavaria, Atanas and Ivan Antonovi remain fascinated by the typical Bavarian breweries and the taste of real craft beer. That's why their plan to create their own winery quickly takes a different direction. The young and brave entrepreneurs are determined to provide the traditional Bavarian experience to the people in their hometown - Plovdiv. During their next visits to Bavaria, the two brothers look for the best brewing systems and the most experienced master brewers, which begins the history of Jägerhof - the first Bavarian brewery in Plovdiv.

In Jägerhof we have made sure that the spirit of Bavaria is felt from every angle - everything in the brewery is Bavarian style, live beer is produced according to tried and tested recipes of a Bavarian master brewer, the menu has typical Bavarian dishes.


For the beer production Jagerhof use the Caspary systems:

fully electrified and equipped breweries. The name Caspary has a 225-year tradition and to this day the systems produce the best beer for many customers around the world. The beer at the Jagerhof is produced according to the Reinheitsgebot – Beer Purity Act of 1516, which regulates the production and trade of beer in Bavaria. According to this law, water, malt, hops and yeast can be used for beer production.

Year-round brewery Jagerhof brews 2 main types of beer:Jagerhof hell(light) and Jagerhof weiss(white, wheat). Depending on the season, a third type of beer is also available – Oktoberfest Bier, Kupfer Bier (copper beer), Dunkles Bier (dark beer), Dunkles weissbier (dark wheat beer), etc.

Types of beers we currently offer

  • Jägerhof Ale

    Jägerhof Ale is a combination of 4 types of barley malt, giving a pleasant taste and amber color. 2 varieties of American hops are used, which are responsible for the pleasant aroma with fruity notes and the light bitterness. Jägerhof Ale is produced using classic technology, with top-fermenting yeast for ale types of beer, without filtration and pasteurization. Alcohol content is 5.3%
  • Jägerhof Hell (light)

    This is the traditional Bavarian lager beer made from barley malt. We produce it according to a classic recipe, without filtration and stabilization. It is available all year round, and you can order it in glasses of 330, 500 ml or 1 liter.
  • Jägerhof Weiss (white, wheat)

    Wheat (Weiss) beer Jägerhof - more carbonated and sweeter in taste than traditional lager beer. Produced by the method of top fermentation - the oldest method of beer production. It has a pleasant fruity aroma - banana, cloves, vanilla. We offer it all year round in glasses of 330 ml and 500 ml.
  • Bottle Jägerhof (2 l)

    From our Fan Shop you can buy your own bottle of Jägerhof, which you can fill with your favorite beer.
  • Party basket

    You can take craft beer home in a party basket with 6 bottles of Hell (light) or Weiss (Weiss) 330 ml each.
  • Party keg (10 l)

    Party keg, which you can order on the spot from us, or take home.